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Is it Legal?
Yes. We don't gamble for real money, only for prizes.

Do we need to supply any equipment, like trestle table, lamps, etc.?
No. All our tables are full size, are free standing and each even has its own lighting. If you are looking around at other providers, please check BEFORE you book, as not all fun casino companies use full size, free standing, equipment.

Can, we raise money for our Charity or Good Cause?
Yes. As long as no real money is passed over the gaming tables, then all sorts of things can be done, away from the tables, by members of your party or your staff.

Do we need a special licence ?
No. Only venues who gamble for real money need a licence.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, we do. However, if you use one of our competitors, we'd strongly suggest that you check on this with them, before you book, as some of them don't.

Do we need to be seasoned gamblers?
No! Most of our games are quick & easy to learn and our fully trained Croupiers and Casino managers will take you through the limited rules and show you how to play the games. That said, 'Seasoned Gamblers' are very welcome to play (and often do!).

What size are your tables?
Blackjack is 2m x 1m (6'6 x 3'3)
Roulette is 4m x 2m (13' x 6'6)
Dice is 4m x 2m (13' x 6'6)

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Casino Royale Entertainment, Kent
Fun casinos in Bucks, Surrey, Essex, London, Herts, Hants, Sussex, Kent and Berks. Our games include Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Dice (Craps)
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