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We have a variety of Fun Casino Games to choose from.

Whichever casino game(s) you choose for your event, you can be sure your guests will have a great time - a trully fabulous time, playing at our Fully Sized Casino Tables.
You don't need to worry that your guests may not know the rules of the individual games, as Casino Royale's professional croupiers are happy to explain them to the players during your event.

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Along with blackjack, roulette is the most popular choice for most weddings, parties and corporate events. Not only is roulette a fun and exciting game to play, the impressive appearance of the full size roulette table and wheel at your event will add that extra touch of class.

An easy game to play and learn, based on the popular game of pontoon (or 21s). All you have to do is beat the dealer's total without going over 21. A must for all our Fun Casino party nights and along with roulette, probably the most popular game we offer.

Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker is, essentially, 5 card stud poker adapted for casino life. It's another fun game to play and a good way of learning basic poker. It's also a great 3rd choice.

Dice (Craps)
You may well have seen Dice (Craps) being played in movies where a Casino is featured in the plot. Your fate is decided by the throw of two dice across the baize. We often recommend Dice (Craps) as a third choice to accompany Blackjack and Roulette as it is slightly more difficult to learn and not as popular as Blackjack and Roulette.

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